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30 September 2009


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Fuck you !!!! The I.R.A will never be defeated you british piece of shit !!!


How good to hear from you again. I trust your summer with the Scotch has you well rested.

Good to see McIlroy is onboard, I remember fondly others from NI refusing to sing the Republic's anthem at Walker Cups in the past. Its a pleasant reminder of the Royalist enclave on the island.

Perhaps we will see the same spirit in the Olympics Rugby 7s.

Let us hope so, Rupert. I should dearly love to see Stephen Ferris pulling on the British colours. Young Tommy Bowe is rather a rum cove, though - educated at the Royal School Armagh and yet prone to singing the Eire national anthem. He might well be from the southern side of the border, but the chap is of true British stock and jolly well ought to remember the fact. One only has to look at his fine musculature and flaxen locks to see that this is no ordinary bog-trotter. One of our diplomatists really ought to have a quiet word in his ear.

please dear sir, would you direct mcilroy to a proper barber/hairdresser. he looks like a frumpy overweight girl.

Tommy is from Monaghan so is fully entitled to sing his own national anthem of Ireland. Also he has represented the Monaghan GAA team at underage level. Two facts that negate your point of being from 'true British stock'.

you should be ashamed of being unionist you dope

Is this website for real ? . Toffs r us . Rory rep G.B ? ...Ha . Empire ? Double Ha !... Brits still thinking they matter? ..Ha Ha !. The queen to visit Ireland ? Ha...( Hope her Plane gets hit by lightning ) Glad to see your "boys" coming back in boxes from Afghanistan. Thats what you get for guarding and shipping the heroin back to the streets of Europe . Cant have the Taliban ban the smack trade -sure why else would you morons be there ? .Irelands happiest day ?. Britain sinks to the bottom of the sea .26+6 =1. oh and happy to see your football team getting hammered in the World Cup .... we had a great time over here laughing our asses off !

Such a shame to see Paddy displaying such a feeble grasp of the majestic language bestowed upon his neglected, backward isle by his magnanimous neighbours.

You really have let yourself down, Pog Ma Hone (Kiss my arse).

what a bunch of unionist faggots.

What a sad insecure person to have written such waffle. Oh but such hilarious waffle. Bullied as a child?

I am the current King of Ulster and declare all Britishness void on the island of Ireland.

Sad to be caught up in all this mess. I'd honestly hate to be a person regarding myself as "British" in the north. The real British want nothing to do with you. The Queen you are so loyal to wants nothing to do with you. You are ready to take up arms against the Queen if she decides you should go back to being a united island. How strange

King of Ulster title passed to me in Cavan by the way but I dont want it anymore.

i'm not even going to call it a country because i recognise it as part of the republic, if you are from those six particular counties in ulster, you live on the island of ireland, an island (which before any politics started) was entirely ireland, how could you live in ireland and call yourself british, britain wants nothing to do with the deluded unionists of northern ireland, ye are from ireland get over it, ye are irish not british, IRISH!!!! Sinne Fianna Fáil
A tá fé gheall ag Éirinn,
buion dár slua
Thar toinn do ráinig chugainn,
Fé mhóid bheith saor.
Sean tír ár sinsir feasta
Ní fhagfar fé'n tiorán ná fé'n tráil
Anocht a théam sa bhearna bhaoil,
Le gean ar Ghaeil chun báis nó saoil
Le guna screach fé lámhach na bpiléar
Seo libh canaídh Amhrán na bhFiann.

A Catholic from Ireland who betrays his own people knowing what the imperialst British did to Catholic Irish for centuries is a disgusting disgrace. Piss off over to old Blighty, Brit rent boy. Better still, search your family tree and see how many of your kin murdered or left to starve by Union Jack lovers. And enjoy pissing on their graves when you sing God Save the ENGLISH Queen.

Was drunk and stumbled across you all, you sad sacks of shit

Mckock - possibly the best post I've ever seen on any blog. It could also apply to 90% of the blogs and forums on the web.

IT IS hard to look at the Capitol in Washington, DC, without a frisson of excitement

Was Rory born, does he live or does he pay his taxes in ROI? Were his parents born, do they live or do they pay their taxes in ROI? No and no. He's British on the Ireland of Ireland. If he carries an Irish passport he's not being true to himself. What's wrong with being British?
I'm what Rory would call a "Southerner", but I don't understand the pathetic need of my countrymen to claim successful people. Good luck to you Rory and the rest of the British golfers who give us such great sport.

Considering the British media tend to claim successful Southern Irish celebrities as their own (who have no affiliation whatsoever to the UK) , Rory McIlroy who is a Northern Irish Catholic who is eligible for a Irish passport, and he played most of his underage and amateur golf in the South. It is not unreasonable for Irish people to claim him as their own.

Do you know that according to Channel 4, both Bono & Bob Gelfdof (two men born to Irish parents in Dublin, who grew up,were educated and launched their careers in Ireland) are two of the 100 Greatest Britons of All Time. If thats the case then the Beatles, 3 of which were of Irish decent, are as Irish as Molly Malone.

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