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21 November 2009


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Really Viscount!

This myopic patriotism is truly the last refuge of a scroundel and unworthy of your noble heritage.

These warmed up slops have been waiting in the wings for at least a week now and are neither accurate nor entertaining.

I sincerely hope we are not to be bored by the other 49.
This is shoddy and indolent journalism at its worst.

Must do better.

Which is why you chaps are having such jolly good success in Iraq and Afghanistan at the moment!

......And Twickenham! Deary me.

Lord Crouchback

I do hope that this interesting series will pass comment on the sad state of affairs that has led to devolution in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Allowing this to happen is I feel a major dereliction of all that is right and proper in Britain. And to boot it would seem that Britain is being ruled by the Scots. When I was last in the Motherland a month ago I learn't that PM Brown cannot even make up his mind about which biscuits he likes with his tea.

This is a dismal state of affairs; how can those of us who live on a rock in the Pacific rely on Blighty with such "Eejits" in charge who cannot make the simple decisions.

Two decisions need to be take immediately -

1) You need to raise a militia of strong Yeomen

2) Find out if Maggie is available to take over power

How long can we allow this incompetence to continue I ask?

Not your finest hour dear Lord. And this following William Wallace's great men doing what the "finest breed" could not: Beat Australia on home soil.

Time to quietly retreat to your castle in Scotland, order the Glenfiddich, brush up on gutteral pronunciation and pretend never to have been English.

Winston - Come now, old fruit, Britain suffers from a profound absence of myopic patriotism and it is my job to fill the breach.

Aucklander - Alas, if today's opinion polls are anything to go by, it seems that the Labour ice age could continue indefinitely.

Darwinia - Indeed, it is at times like this that one stresses one's Britishness. I have decided to switch from brandy to scotch for the next week in honour of the barbarians north of the wall.

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