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09 November 2009


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Excellent programme.

We shall not forget these brave men; not then in our hour of need and certainly not now.

Impressive wasn't it?

Hislop has made similar programmes in the past. I suspect he secretly yearns for the restoration of Empire. Corking chap.

My Lord,

I am seriously concerned that the brave and noble efforts of these men who fought in the First World War and those who fought in WWII and in every war that a member of the British Empire has fought in, up to this very day, has done so only to have their blood and their sweat repaid by a back-stabbing government.

Now I am no expert on the law or on the European Union, but it seems to me that our Prime Minister has signed our basic right of democracy away to the Junta that is the European Union. The leader of the opposition doesn’t seem to have the balls to do anything about it so I can only suggest one thing…

… Sod democracy. Our Head of State is not some slimy, dishonest, power grabbing politician, no Sir. Our Head of State is her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. She vowed during her Coronation to do everything in her power to uphold the freedom of her Empire and its people. She has already proved that she has the inclination, in 1976, you will remember, through the Governor General in Australia she had that ghastly Labour PM, Gough Whitlam, sacked. Do it again I say! This time here in your own beloved land – but go further! Take back the control that is rightfully yours and lift this mighty nation back up to its rightful position.

I for one am mightily fed up with seeing a once proud Nation be wrapped up in the coils of Europe – things must change. Lord Crouchback I urge you to have a quiet word with her Majesty, tell her she has all the popular support needed both at home and in the colonies.

Sincerely yours etc.

I would dearly love to see it happen, Colonial, but I am afraid that Her Majesty's reign has for the most part been characterised by unnecessary pandering to the great unwashed. Queen Elizabeth II is, at heart, something of a liberal. She is quick to remove her shoes when she visits the temples of infidel faiths; she broke with Thatcher over the PM's stance on South Africa; and she caved in rather too quickly for my liking to the absurd hysteria over that ghastly creature, Diana.

Her mother, on the other hand, was a rather different sort - not shy about deprecating the "despicable Hun" or observing of the French: "I do like them, but how can one trust them?" Best of all, she privately supported Ian Smith in Rhodesia when Whitehall was doing its best to sell the British colonists down the river.

So yes, I do not wish to speak ill of Her Majesty, but do not expect too much of her. Nor, perhaps, would it be wise to expect too much of her son...

No, I feel that for England's greatness truly to be restored, we need to take a leaf out of Saxon times and forget strict notions of precedence. Instead, we must cast around for a nobleman with phlegm, pluck and fierce patriotism. I am certain that somewhere within the shires resides a man of such qualities...

I fear you are quite right, I have however heard that Prince Harry has been taking an awful lot of long walks with his Grandfather recently. Hopefully the elder of the two Princes is imparting the younger with some of his undoubted wisdom? Perhaps there is hope yet...

There might be hope for England yet if Harry ascends to the throne. Such a warrior spirit, combined with such contempt for the sensibilities of the chattering classes, marks him out as a rare talent.

I saw that programme last night on the History channel: EXCELLENT!

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