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15 March 2010


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Profoundly depressing but unsurprising news reported by Boris Johnson in today's 'Telegraph', my Lord; that chuntering fool Ed Balls has pronounced Latin to be uninspiring and irrelevant!

It is almost comical to hear such a non-entity dismiss the genius of Tacitus, Ovid and Virgil et al as 'uninspiring', especially since he went to public school .... but wait: do you think that this 'Man of the people' schitck is actually a bluff? Could it be that Balls is actually a classical scholar in private, but disguises this in order to preserve it from the general populace? He has the background and, as minister, he has the power to keep the great languages confined to a select few. If his oikishness is genuine, however, it is a delicious irony that his policies are creating more divisions in society than any potential conservative policy. I think that a spot of proper Greek and Latin grammar would do this country the world of good. For one thing,it might teach our pathetically meat-headed rugby forwards the benefits of deploying some brains in combination with their beef!


Good article that, old top. Nice to see Boris on such cracking form. Bit of an oik Boris, you know. Not quite the pukka chap he purports to be, but I'll give the fellow a free pass if he continues to bang the drum for Classics.

There's no double game with Balls. He doesn't pretend to be a block-headed Stalinist. He is a block-headed Stalinist. And I have no doubt that his chum Brown would gladly install himself as Dictator perpetuo if he thought he could get away with it. All the more reason to kick the buggers out in May.

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