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26 March 2010


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No, no old man it won't do. Firstly, the failure to civilise the Mick was one of the great low points of Empire and bringing them back into the fold will only cast new unwanted light on the whole affair.
More importantly, I can't see this progressing beyond pipe dream status. Opinion polls are indicating that El Gordo has successfully skewed the make-up of the UK so that the bovine proles who make up Labour's client base now outnumber the few remaining decent folk in the Kingdom. As we slide further into our doom, the Commonwealth will push us gently to one side, preferring to have a portrait of Queen Victoria at major events, to remember that which once was.
The only solution, abhorrent as it may be, is to throw one's complete support behind the efforts of Mr Salmond of the SNP. Repugnant toad he may be, but his efforts to establish Scotland as an independent banana republic are the only way we in England can escape the yoke of Labour in the long term. With Scotland's grasping estate scum and their votes out of the way, the Tories will be able to humanely destroy the waxy PR man currently in charge, surge to victory and usher in a new golden era of free trade, indepedence from EU bureaucracy and selective sterilisation of the lower orders.
I realise I may have wandered from the subject and on to a hobby-horse, but that is an old man's prerogative...

Interesting thoughts, old scout. It certainly hasn't escaped my attention that if England were independent, the Tories would coast home with something to spare.

It's awfully tempting, but I don't think I'm prepared to forego the Union just yet...

I'm not sure Ireland could handle the influx of middle Eastern and Asiatic types that rejoining the Union would bring. No, as an Irish man I'd much rather have a closer association with Netherlands at this time. I feel no natural affinity with the central Europeans but this man Geert Wilders is a true hero and gentleman. I recommend all free thinking, non-liberal/masochistic people to listen to him speak.

I don't even know where to start with this. It’s actually quite hilarious! .. your more likely to see an English person lick a German or French persons shoes and admit their innate inferiority than to see Ireland say sorry.. In fact I would expect to see an English person on their knees thanking the yanks for the economic aid via the Marshall plan, or even to cosy up to an IMF official and whisper sweet gratitude’s for the money you begged from them in the late seventies.. Good old "great" Britain..

The Queen is welcome in our country as a guest just as she would be in France or Sweden.. Also re your comment about us being kicked out of the euro, it is an absurd as an Greek finance economist.. surely an educated person like you knows how ridiculous and incorrect that remark is? Have you any idea of economics or are you an idiot? I would much rather cosy up to the bosom of the Germans (whose budget deficit is 3.5%) rather than a broke, poor nation like Britain(budget deficit of over 12.5%).

Yes, Gemini, I'm a great admirer of Wilders too. Note, however, that the Netherlands has almost as many lunatic Mohammedans as we do.

Andrew K - Calm down, old bean. You know jolly well that you are going to have to apologise to us eventually, so just cross your fingers and get on with it. And be suitably humble when you do crawl up to Downing Street with petition for readmittance in hand. I imagine that the Treasury has plenty of passive-aggressive boffins who would be only too happy to give you a taste of the "Iceland treatment"...

My lord,

Haha! It's so ludicrous. It will never happen. Maybe you will get an empty apology after the queen apologies for the unions failure to help Ireland during the famine (Tony Blair has already done so). Thanks to your inactions over 1 million people died.. try wash that blood off your hands

She will need to crawl to Leinster house and beg for forgiveness for the murder of innocent civilians by the British army in croke park in 1920. What a bunch of girls, you couldn't face the fact that you were being beaten in a guerrilla type war so you had to pick off unarmed innocent civilians in a crowded stadium in revenge for the assignation of the Cairo gang. Its so pathetic, no wonder we kicked you out with such ease.

Your queen will also have bow her head, apologize and admit your countries stupidity for the murder of innocent civilians in Derry in 1972. The IRA at this time were a dying breed, mostly old men regaling stories at local pubs. However after the aforementioned events which became known as bloody Sunday, the whole republican movement was reborn with a strong youth movement willing to extract revenge on the idiotic British (i mean shooting civilians..come on!). Hence the horrific and pathetic countless bombings/shootings that occurred in Northern Ireland and England following this was really all the fault of the British.

Keep washing those hands my lord..the blood will never wash off...

So in summary, once we extend the arm of friendship across the Irish sea I expect a televised apology from your Queen that will do alot more good for Anglo-Irish relations than joining some silly Commonwealth.

Andrew k,

Your lament of "blood, oppresion and innocent civilians" is merely another man's rules on character building.

And by Jove, what 'characters' you all are.

Thank you Lawrence,

Yes you are quite well versed in "character" (interesting euphemism) building. Even today, while you are being more or less America's pawns, you are building "characters" in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am sure the people in Wotton Basset would like to see an end to the "character" building just as much as the poor sod's mothers.

And its all in the name of appeasing the yanks. Its a pity that being such sycophants is costing you so much blood..

Also, your attempt to disregard my post by guising it as some immature manly thing is frankly depressing.

I believe that Andrew K is reasserting Ireland's claim to the title of MOPE. That is, Most Oppressed People Ever. This title is a badge of honour for the Irish and they get mightily angry when any pesky Jews or Rwandans or Palestinians dare to lay claim to what is rightfully theirs! Go into any Munster backwoods shebeen of an evening and you'll find red-faced fellows like Andrew K having conversations like this...

Donncha: "Ah sure, Paddy, we're the most oppressed people ever, so we are, to be sure, to be sure".

Paddy: "Ah, I dunno, Donncha. Sure, what about the Jews now, boy?"

Donncha: "Ah, forget the feckin' Jews, Paddy. Sure they're just a load of gobshites altogether".

Paddy: "But the Holocaust, y'know..."

Donncha: "Ah sure, the Holocaust is over-hyped altogether. Sure it's got nothing on the Famine so it hasn't".

etc etc

Jackpot! The reaction I have been looking for from the Viscount... at last.

I would never have thought you would actually rise to one of my posts..but i guess the inherent inferiorty complex that you Limeys suffer from finally got the better of you!!

Thank you good sir

Its about time you grew some balls..

"The UK government needs to be "less deferential" towards the US and more willing to say no to Washington, a group of MPs have said....

...The perception that the British government was a subservient 'poodle' to the US administration leading up to the period of the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath is widespread both among the British public and overseas," it said.

"This perception, whatever its relation to reality, is deeply damaging to the reputation and interests of the UK."


I say, Andrew K takes his banter awfully seriously doesn't he, chaps? I daresay he'll be linking to Guardian editorials next...

Rather too seriously, my Lord. Although I'm sure even Andrew K wouldn't be so crude as to stain this most regal blog with the stench of the Grauniad. As we've clearly got too many commoners on here as it is.

No, Andrew K will surely offer us a link to his Blue Peter badge citation rewarded for his letter to the programme. That proposed better living conditions and union representation for the shows tortoises.


Oh dear chaps, Im afraid your mistaken. Im having great fun with our banter/debate's!

I wouldnt dare link the a story from the guardian to this high calibre blog. However if you object to that particluar paper so much why did you entertain so may many under the alias Fededrick Chichester on the rugby blogs?

I seem to remember that you got blocked from it, so you started posting under a different name! I also remember you posting a link to this very blog for your England V Scotland pre-match report during last years six nations!

On which blogs did you get blocked my Lord and why?

Dizzy, old duck - I was chucked off the anti-free speech Guardian rugger blogs when a demented rabble of pitchfork-wielding bog trotters browbeat the mods into banning me. My reluctance to type "Paul O'Connell is the most magnificent beefcake in the history of the world, a veritable Apollo of the rugger universe" in every post I wrote was apparently racist and anti-Irish.

The Guardian likes to boast that "comment is free" but this is true, apparently, only if you are: a) Irish or b) Somewhere to the Left of Tony Benn.

Andrew K - You seem to have a better memory of my own actions than I do. Which is rather worrying for both of us, I imagine.

Chucked off the Guardian pages, My Lord! That is impressive. Must do wonders for your CV. Did they buy you drinks at your club for the rest of the season?

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