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10 March 2010


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My Lord,

I fear you are too easy on the pack. The lock combination is thoroughly uninspiring, Borthwick is more a farm hand than an inspirational leader of men while Deacon is a thoroughly unexceptional professional. The flankers are also a concern, Worsley being picked with no discernible form or fitness while Haskell has gone backwards since his exceptional showing against the Welsh. The problems stem from slow ball, which is the duty of the forwards and scrum-half to secure. Thus far we have seen endless lateral rumblings and some of the worst passing I have ever seen from an international scrum-half.

I would have selected the following:

Golding, Hartley, Cole, Kennedy, Lawes, Haskell, Easter, Armitage, Youngs, Wilkinson, Flutey, Tait, Ashton, Foden, Monye

'Scuse me for speaking out of turn me lord, but I wonder if i might be allowed to give me penny's worth on wot is wrong.

It ain't really any of the geezers on the parks fault is it me lord? I mean what with them being told to go over the border and face the dirty Celts... I don't wanna go above me station but i think it is the General Johnson and his Osifers what has got it all wrong, I mean wot decent honest fellow woodant want to wear the red rose with pride? I also think that political fellow Andrews ain't doin nuffink to help the cause neever. I reckon I could do a better job and i ain't ad any education properly like - anyway, just my thinkins and master says i have to get back to the chimney sweeping now as i have got another 9 hours of me day to go.

Yours Humbly.....

What ho! England's continuing slide into obscurity is a joy to witness!

And to any Englishman reading this: let Mr Johnson's continuing humiliation - which will resound through the ages - be a lesson to you. Those who insult God's representative on earth - Irish President Mary McAleese - will suffer in due course

I daresay that mercy will be shown if he travels to the Phoenix Park, drops to his knee in abject surrender, and begs the President's forgiveness. We Irish demand deference from the inferior breed across the water, but we are by no means a vengeful race

My Lord,

Any special mention for a certain player who will become the 14th centurion in rugby union history this Saturday? It is interesting to note in your debate over "inferior" Celts you seem to use lack of Anglo Saxon genes, famine etc to explain why players such as Paul O'Connell have not got enough beef while players of Saxon stock such as Wallace, Heaslip and Ferris are overloaded with it.

However the serious error you have made is to omit one of the greatest rugby union test players in the last decade and probably ever... a certain Brian O'Driscoll. Correct me if I am wrong but that name is as Celtic as O'Connell. It has been acknowledged by a number of different sources that BOD is one of the greatest ever , this list includes the fine Anglo Saxon specimen Lawrence dalliagio. Please refer to below links for proof.

It is about time you cowered down and admitted our superiority. For when was the last time you produced a player of BOD's calibre? Johnson comes close but not close enough, plus he has as much respect for heads of state as O’Gara(ROG’s revenge with his hands in his pocket when meeting your Queen was so sweet)... Maybe some of the fine celts in your team, such as Kennedy or Gearghty, can learn from their brethren..but probably not, they lost that opportunity when they sold their soul to a race that panders easily to the yanks.. refer to the Suez canal crisis and the recent unnecessary involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From The Sunday Times
Brian O’Driscoll has secured his place amongst the greats
Lawrence Dallaglio




BOD confirmed as player of decade by Rugby world magazine


Team of the decade from bbc with every single poster having bod in their top 15


Same as above



Attaboy Mr K!!!

I also note with interest the appointment of former GAA player and cultured Irishman Conor O'Shea as Director of Rugby at the Viscount's very own rugger club.... the times they are a changing, a new world order is upon us!


Well spotted Sire,

It is indeed an honour for Quins to have such a great Irishman take over the mantle from those cheats. Trust the English for having to rely on the their Irish masters to bring back some form of purity and honour back to the club which is the quintessential representation of the upper class English . It is also quite a funny coincidence that an Irish team revealed the sneaky, cheating nature of the Englishman and this pathetic club.

It is also beautifully ironic that the English rugby public (and the viscount in particular) pride themselves on fairness and fair play, yet the whole bloodgate affair showed us all what they really are.. a bunch of lying snakes who will stoop to anything, including cheating on an absurd level, to win.

Luckily, just like their national team, they failed miserably to defeat the brave Leinster Boys. Realising their inferiority and that they could not match our Celtic supremacy they had to resort to the most imaginative cheating to try and win, and still they failed! Ha, the English are not even good at cheating! Which begs the question.. what are they good at? Being below/weaker than us at pretty much everything I hear you say.. absolutely spot on!

Your etc
Andrew K

We are certainly not as good as the Irish at economic meltdown.

Ah Andrew, my old friend,

I enjoyed our history debate last week.

Re the Irish economy, yes yes the property collapse was devasting but at least our budget deficit is lower than yours. Also,we came out of offical recession in quarter 3 of 2009, according to our GDP figures. It took you guys until quater 4 of 2009.

Also we have won international praise for the austerity measures taken in our budget. While the markets reaction to your pre budget speech was one of distain.

Andrew K, old bean - I believe that Mr O'Driscoll reached his 100th Test cap quite some time ago. It is a mark of Ireland's profound parochialism that you chappies celebrate only his caps in green.

As for O'Shea - we English have no qualms about welcoming to our bosoms the best the Irish have to offer (see the wonderful Sir Terry). Mr O'Shea will be most welcome if he helps to drag Quins up the table. He is not the first Irishman to prefer England's gentle, orderly civilisation to the dubious pleasures of home, and he certainly won't be the last.

Tally Ho Viscount.

What a wonderful rebuke to the dribbling rantings of the Celtic Untermenschen that have invaded your blog in recent times.

You, my Lord, take time out of your busy schedule to write these articles, purely for the benefit of uneducated Gaelic backwoodsmen such as Andrew K and Frank.

Our Viscount has always been perfectly willing to engage in light hearted verbal sparring with his esteemed peers, and respected foes.

However these latest barbarians at the gate, have shown no respect or gratitude, and seem intent on dragging our beloved Crouchy into pitched warfare of the kind seen in the council estates of Ireland which they no doubt hail from.

Their aggressive posturing and impertinent braggadocio serve as an interesting psychoanalysis of the modern day Irishman - the violence which has always been inherent in their national character, has now been combined with crass nouveau riche attitudes (picked up from their brief flirtation with wealth during their "Tiger" economy years), resulting in a ghastly bastardisation of humanity within the borders of the "Emerald Isle".

It seems that "800 years of oppression" as they call it, was not enough to instil a sense of civilisation within Paddy.

Saxon Beef

What a stirring lambast of the recent influx of pagan bogtrotters on this esteemed blog who've yet to be initiated into the alien concept of grace and civility to your fellow man.

I thoroughly enjoy his lordships insight, but to have it rudely interupted by uncouth Taigs is simply not on.

Why don't the likes of Andrew K and Frank (what a common name) trot back to their humble 'republic' (again, what a common label) and return to gambling on dog fights whilst and inter-family breeding like all the other cannibals in the backwoods of Kerry.

Time to put the fear of Cromwell back into them I say.


A thousand apologies for the two erroneous yet unforgivable typographical error's I made in my last post. The result of strong drink I'm afraid.

I'm sure even the alumni of the Christian Brothers or Magdalene Sisters would forgive such a slipshod effort.

My Lord,

Thank you for your response. It was indeed against the convicts in November that BOD earned his 100th test cap and of course earning it for his country means more.

As for the comments from Lawrence and Saxon Beef(viscount under a different name??).. Your comments made me laugh, they were actually quite funny! It’s good to see I got a rise out of you, now I know my comments have hit home.

I do remember a certain Frederick Chichester posting anti-Irish posts on the guardian rugby blogs last year and receiving a similar backlash from Irish posters. So I will say to you what Fredrick AKA Viscount said to them, if you not going to engage in a reasonable debate and only answer in a fit of pique then please don’t even bother! All my comments are fact and any stereotype retort you come up with (no matter how funny it is) only undermines you further!! Keep it up chappies.. my victorious roll is a glorious one..

Lawrence you impudent pup!

I will have you know that Frank is an olde Germanic name which referred to a member of the Germanic tribe, the Franks. The Franks settled in the regions now called France and the Netherlands in the 3rd and 4th century. They derived their tribal name from the name of a type of spear that they used. The name was brought to England by the Normans. Notable bearers include author L. Frank Baum (1856-1919) and architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959)....

....such history, such breeding, such heritage, such guile!!!

Another glaring trait of inadequate schooling, Frank.

The name 'Frank' is a shortened (bastardized) version of Francis, which finds its origins in Latin. Not from the Merovingian dynasty as you'd like us to believe.

It's also quite a womanish name in it's original form, I might add.

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