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23 April 2010


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All well and good, my Lord. But I must admit I was rather looking forward to you decrying the lack of support for St Georges day.

Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

A fine choice my lord, although the accompanying photograph is somewhat lacking when compared to those provided with the last two title-holders.

Yours earnestly,

My Lord,

Whilst I laud your discernment (at last!) in choosing a meritous beefcake in the form of the magnificent Vickery, I must again question your use of "Saxon" as a complimentary epithet. History shows that the Saxons were a minor tribe of barbarians frothing beyond the frontiers of empire that opportunistically came to these shores as course mecinaries (as did their cousins the Angles). Such greatness as the English possess, and it is no little greatness, comes from their Norse and Norman warrior rootes, allied to the culture that they picked up from the native, latin speaking, Romano-Celts of these isles. Vickery the beefy cornishman is ample illustration.
On a tangential point, I laud your choice of a true beef merchant above the various gym/permatan catamites upon whom you have recently bestowed this prestigious accolade.
Well played Viscount

Of course, I meant "coarse" mercenaries.
Damn these sausage fingers!
I apologise for this lapse

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