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09 April 2010


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If you pay close attention, this weeks specimen appears to be in the early stages of sporting a Mullet, my Lord.

Good God he is glorious. I am speechless.

I love this boy because he is cute like a garbage pail kid but he loses a little of charm when the white bandage is not opressing his skull.

Flattering photo, but i fear you've now been duped in the beefcake stakes two weeks running, My Lord. For if Hartley were to remove those ballooning track-bottoms, a pair of bandy and disproportionately skinny legs would be revealed. I find it hard to trust a forward with skinny pins - although it's never done Gethin Jenkins any harm.

Yes, Lawrence, but one expects one's colonials to be a little rough around the edges!

My dear Blondy, I think the hunky upper body and delightfully cherubic features earn Dylan some tolerance for his less-than-manly legs!

My Lord,

I believe that the time has come to give the British and Irish Lions Captain a place on this esteemed list.

Paulie was not born like the rest of us, the man was chiselled out of pure granite. He embodies the passion and honesty that makes Munster rugby unique around the world.

The backwoodsmen of Munster DEMAND that you make him the Ginger Beefcake!

I dare say the Viscount would rather slit open his wrists and bleed them dry into the Thames before he would elect a ginger bog-trotter from Munster as a BOTW!!

Seriously though. Great as Paulie is, he’s too lanky and not rosy enough to be a beefcake. In fact I’m not sure us Munsterites have a beefcake proper in the whole team.

I hope Munster win today but we can have no illusions as to which team owns the finer beefcake. I live in hope that Dylan’s shorts get pulled down in a ruck and we get to see his rosy, baby smooth bottom.


You seem to misunderstand the nature of Beefcake Corner. To qualify, a chap must actually have some beef about him. O'Connell's snake-thin hips and white, weedy legs don't exactly scream "Aberdeen Angus" to me.

The only Munsterman with even the remotest chance of qualifying for BOTW is David Wallace. He has a quite magnificent arse. Nice chap too. I'll keep an eye on him.

Northampton´s European campaign is over my Lord. Thoughts?

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