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14 April 2010


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I see that the argument for this is is that it's legal to shoot vermin.
Is it safe to assume then Milord that you sleep with your eyes open ?

Impudent blighter. Be careful not to say that in my person or I will happily take a whip to you. Be away with you, scoundrel!

Is it also safe to assume that you sleep with your heart bleeding, Ye Old Tossbag?

Apologies Milord - not intented to invite a fornicational romp with whips as your poor, brow-beaten serf Lawrence looks on.

Brow-beaten serf!?

Like-minded Gamekeeper, I'll have you know!

I suspect that Ye Old Tossbag sleeps with his eyes open for genocidal natives in the dark of the night, Lawrence. I think we have a Boer on our hands here. I believe the template for dealing with such specimens was set by Lord Kitchener a century ago. Indeed, I'd happily set up a concentration camp within the grounds of Crouchback Castle to teach the impudent swine a lesson, but I can't help thinking it a frightful waste of money. Perhaps our friend Julius will do the necessary one of these nights...

A devious quarry indeed, my Lord. I think that construction of an extermination may attract some unwanted attention but fear our feral friend, Julius, may warn this bleating boer of his presence by the scent of his armpits being carried down wind.

May I suggest we give your lordships hounds an early run before the Tories snatch back parliament and reinstate that most noble of pursuits.

Humblest apologies, my lord. Through my obvious lack of breeding, my last post included an inexcusable error. I failed to include the object noun: camp. That traditionally follows 'extermination'.

I shall be in the stables awaiting your whip. Like my father would do before me.

Ah yes, put a brandy-and-biltong soaked rag in front of the hounds nose and ask them to find the brute, eh! It could work, old sport. We'll snare this insolent cur yet.

' I shall be .... awaiting your whip. Like my father would before me ' ?

Was your father also a gimp Lawrence ?

No, even worse. An accountant.

Which of your mothers many 'friends' is yours?

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