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01 April 2010


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1935, my Lord? The pretender only assuned "office" in 1997. Unless I'm not privy to some in-joke. If so, I'll resort to boxing my own ears, my Lord.

Perhaps it is part of a personal mission to unite the island of Ireland. She may feel she can be something of an Irish Mandela using rugger to bring north and south together. But as you quite rightly point out, it makes for a tedious spectacle (albeit marginally less tedious than that ghastly film Invictus recounting how rugby has made South Africa the jolly place it is today). On another note, while such intelligent comment will undoubtedly raise some hackles beyond the pale, I would ask that you keep the Andrew K character in his box on this occasion. I do not object to the invention of an agent provocateur to stimulate debate, but this latest specimen is tiresome in the extreme, and frankly too pedantic to be believable.

I wish we had a President that enjoyed rugby that much.

Invention? No, old bean, Andrew K is all too real. I'm not sure anyone could invent such a po-faced, sanctimonious, humourless Paddyroid. (Though his use of the word "Limeys" did make me wonder whether he is actually a Yank of Irish descent - that would explain rather a lot).

Indeed, Darwinia. You are perhaps the one nation on earth that could perhaps feel justified envy towards Mrs McAleese.

"po-faced, sanctimonious, humourless Paddyroid."

Are you telling us that Andrew K is in fact Ian Paisley?

AP Newson, Lawrence and my lord,

Firstly I would like thank you for acknowledging that I am getting to you.. Mission accomplished. I thoroughly enjoy this blog and even enjoy it more when you folks take the bait. It often leads to a jolly good debate and that my dear fellow bloggers is the whole point.

Secondly, I am not a yank, not that it makes much of a difference but im one of the few Irish that use the derogatory term limey. Nor am I a murdering northern Irish person aka Ian Paisley type. However your speculation on my background is quite entertaining. I am not a viscount creation either, that is as absurd as some of your posts!

Finally, regarding the comment from Gus Williamson and the Viscount, I have to say that I agree with them. I, like you(and im sure the players) just want the game to start, it is triviality we could do without. I also wish they would get rid of that god awful Ireland's call. Listening to three anthems is frankly annoying. I do wish northern Ireland would set up their own team, they would be the whipping boys of the 7 nations(however i would like to keep Ferris)and the horrid Ireland's call will finally be resigned to history.

You're not getting to any of us, Andrew K. You just baffle us as to why you go to such lengths on a blog that you clearly haven't got your head round yet. Which speaks volumes for your national stereotype.

There's no "debate" either. Just mutual acknowledgement that you're banging on a broken drum.

Not the sharpest Paddy in the pub, is he?

May I suggest to my Lord that the situation is perhaps a little more complex than Lawrence would make it out to be. Andrew aside, it cannot have escaped your attention that a large number of Paddies read this blog as it is intended and they do so with a degree of gusto and enthusiasm that is unmatched elsewhere. Imagine if you spent as much time maligning the Welsh on this blog as you do the Irish. The place would be full of boisterous idiots and woolly-imbeciles who’d spoil your Blog with uncouth words and insults near-constantly. You would probably have no admirers at all outside of England (and considering how politically correct and ill-humoured Gordon Brown’s kingdom is these days, it’s likely that you’d have no readers outside of Sussex). No, I propose that it is indeed the Mick who appreciates your sense of style and shall we say humour (this blog) more than any other. As such, your relationship to them is not nearly so one-sided as some might have you think. Take that as you will.

On topic: There definitely needs to be less ceremony before the games in Dublin. One anthem played by the army band for both teams is enough. It is cruel and unusual to make our diminished neighbours suffer so long before we inevitably crush them underfoot with our twin titans, Ferris & Heaslip.

Now I must leave and help my Uncle mend his thatch roof. If we get it done before sundown he has promised me and my eleven siblings a nagin of Poitín each.

Gemini, please forgive my unintended hubris on this matter.

I, along with 99.9% of his Lordships readership, hope that our Irish neighbours see through the seeming one sided ribaldry this blog provides us with.

And let us English - yeoman and gentry alike - not forget Paddy's loyal maintenance of our roads and highways throughout the land. And long may it continue.

Spot on Gemini, and may I add that Mr. K's presence diminishes this Wicklow man's enjoyment his lordship's considerably.

his lordships musings, obviously...

Quite so, Gemini. I like to think of my Irish readers as the shock troops of the Crouchback Army. When we Crouchbackites take back the country and restore the Empire, I shall reward this fine service by handing out vast swathes of Munster to these loyal and faithful men.

Ah but Lawrence I actually do get to you.. otherwise you wouldn’t bother replying to my posts. Just look at the reaction that my posts have provoked thus far!!

Gemini - what are you harping on about?? Thatched roof? 11 siblings? Clearly you are an Englishman masquerading as a paddy! Ive never heard such outdated rubbish, unless you are in fact from the 1850's!! Or maybe you are just jesting perhaps..? Either way it is quite funny. I also agree with your first part of your post though, this blog is extremely entertaining!

The only reaction you're achieving through your clamored grabs for attention is short thrift.

Like an excited puppy yapping away at the television.

Gemini, prostrate yourself by all means. But dragging the Welsh in to serve your simpering cause really is bad form. Grow some balls, for heaven's sake!

Blondie; I am an eunuch and an atheist and you have insulted me egregiously.


Haha!That was the was the worst retort/analogy ever!! Next time please respond with something that carries some intelligent substance.

Gemini - lol

I sincerely hope that's the last time we see the oafish abbreviation of 'laugh out loud'.

Really Andrew K, did the brothers not flay any manners into you?


I am a gentleman trapped in an irishman's body and have consequently found myself drawn to the worldly musings of the Viscount despite my corporeal shortcomings. It disturbs me that a wretched mick of demonstrably low education sees fit to vent his ill thought-out gibberish at a man of consequence such as the viscount, oh for the days when such a wretch could be sent to the stocks for a spell, where the combination of thrown fruit and the inevitable nightly buggerings might give him pause for thought before confronting his social superiors again. I think a helpful solution may be that all posters must first provide proof of a proper university education (it goes without saying any qualifications from NUI institutions should be disregarded immediately) before they are entitled to contribute. A measure such as this should spare us the inane babblings of feckless half-wits such as Andrew K once and for all.

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