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19 April 2010


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The Whig is a devious sort. From the usurpation of the Stuart monarchy, to the abandonment of our American and Irish territories, to the gradual extension of the suffrage, the Whig has always schemed to bring about the destruction of the monarchy and aristocracy. We must be extremely vigilant with these blighters, or before you know it Her Majesty and her family will be going the same way as Tsar Nicholas II!

Damn right, old bean. Pious buggers too.

It seems in this ungrateful day and age that a powerful, respected and wealthy Britain just isn't fashionable amongst the apologetic, bleeding heart liberals who want to lead us into a future whereby everyone loves each other and never offends their fellow man.

Being a liberal is just an act. There whole concept goes against human nature i.e - if some clan of Gypsies makes camp on your land and refuses to budge, you feel - deep down - like removing them through violence. Not putting them up in your orchard.

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