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08 May 2010


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Well said. Either that, or turn Scotland into one single constituency with just one seat at Westminster. That should confuse the chippy chappies.

If we do we grant them independence, I suggest we continue to allow them to sign up to the British Army. There are of course some marvellous Scotch regiments.

A Paisley getting spanked is a horrible image..."Ulster says yes, yes, harder!"

Viscount, thanks very much. I have to admit I was quite ignorant of all this.

I think the UK needs to reintroduce Christianity! It's a catastrophe what's happened to your glorious island. I'm very serious: Throw Dawkins and Rowan Williams in The Tower; both as bad as each other.

Here's an interesting article form Paul "Olympic medal tally" Sheehan



Sheehan is quite right. The chappie Sheridan at The Australian also "gets it". Remarkable, is it not, that Irish-descended colonials seem to have a better grasp of British affairs than does the clueless BBC.

I agree about the Army, Hugo. Let Sweaty McJock keep spilling blood for Blighty. It's the best hope he has of earning gainful employment.

This entire thing is shocking, my lord. recession, expences scandal, war in Afghan/Iraq and the the f@%*%$*s still won't vote Tory! One is agast!

It's been fascinating to see the Scottish people reacting with fear, rage and dismay to any suggestions that they be forcibly removed from England's bosom.

Scottish people seem to want all the respect and pride that comes from being an independent nation, but none of the responsibility.

Sorry chumps, you can't have your cake and eat it. The current situation, whereby you prance about in your kilts and toss your cabers and talk about how much you hate the Sassenachs, while simultaneously relieving the English taxpayer of billions upon billions of pounds to subsidise your lazy population and backward economy, is completely untenable.

Time to stand on your own two feet. We'll see how bonnie you are then!

Nah being lazy is key

On a related note, it's comforting to see that the Prime Minister, the Mayor of London, the Minister of the Cabinet Office, the Minister for Northern Ireland and the Leader of the House of Commons are all Old Etonians.

Things are as they should be.

I hope our good Lord Crouchback is well and good, its been some time since he has updated us mere pleiades with the musing of a true nobleman

I fear the almighty may have called back one of his most trusted lieutenants

I hope the Con-Lib coalition hasn't sent him over the edge.

Come on now your Lordship. Time to get back in the satirical saddle and dig the spurs in deep.

I think Australia play England this weekend?

And we love you Viscount.


Viscount where are you. Still alive or in your French Chateau for the summer??

My dear Viscount, deriliction of ones duties is a serious charge more beffiting dusky colonials rather than a man of rich Anglo blood such as yourself. Come now, the fate of all worthy Englishmen is to dedicate oneself to the onerous task of enlightening his fellow man!

I say, dear Sir, I know you are probably on your yacht in the mediteranian, but this is rather a long silence.

Well, I see the darker coloured chaps have put the kibosh on white Howard. What a disgrace! Nothing but a bunch of bigoted and dishonourable upstarts!


Oh, and in case you haven't heard, dear Viscount, Australia now has a red headed Welsh born, socialist woman as our Prime Minister! Yep, it's been one of those weeks.

Where are you Sir, God damn it? My work has become inrcreasingly dull and I now have nothing to liven up my afternoons.

Viscount, is this stunning specimen of Catholic Monarchist Beef enough to jolt you from your slumber? Surely!

Check it out!: http://www.genxjourney.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/212259-tony-abbott-091130.jpg

Crouchers, Tony needs you! He's in the fight of life. Let's not see him humiliated by that ghastly Welsh born athiest and socialist, Julia Gillard.

Her Majesty's realm is at stake! Join the fight before it's too late! C'mon chaps, c'mon...


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