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01 May 2010


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I've always viewed the painted Picts as troublesome poachers.

If you need me, my Lord, I shall be greasing my Purdeys.

Gosh, that sweet scent of Culloden is filling my nostrils as I write!

My Lord,
Just a warning that you are in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater with such thoughts. This colonial Sheridan (suspiciously Irish surname, no?) and his toytown analysis can be dismissed out of hand by a look at the recalibrated constituency numbers after 2005. Indeed those of us of a Scottish, Unionist and Oxonian persuasion are as alarmed as the rest of the country at Brown's casual dismissal of his fellow Fifer Adam Smith's teachings.
Hopefully that Anglo-Scot Cameron will deal with the fiscal deficit much like his forbears dealt with a recalcitrant grouse- get rid of it in September.
I remain etc,
Lord of the Isles

Well, perhaps, old bean... But I note with amazement that fully 40% of your countrymen remain wedded to the Labour yolk even now, and a further 20-odd % are Nats. Scotland continues to produce some magnificent specimens, yes, but I do think you and Lord Monckton need to launch an assault on the Glaswegian slums as a matter of urgency. It is quite intolerable for these bloshie Glaswegian Labourites to stack Parliament with their sweaty shop stewards.

Yours respectfully,

With all due respect, some of us Celts are seeing the light.

I'm a hardworking, salt-of-the-earth kinda guy. Working class from the balls up. The next valley is a foreign country; England is outer space.

I dislike hard graft and love complaining. You may have guessed that I am Welsh.
I'm proud of the great Welsh tradition of voting Llabour (hey, we're bilingual).

It allows us- the greatest skivers in Britain- to carry on bitching about England, Thatcher, the closure of the mines, the closure of the factories, the ending of X Factor, without having to trouble ourselves with work.

But I'll be voting Tory this time around.

I think a Conservative Government is the only way that people will realise they need to work to live. The Tory policy of "Fuck the Poor" is just what Britain needs.
It also has the benefit of turning the nation once more into a world dominating economic powerhouse.

I'm impressed with David Cameron. I've been avidly watching his vlogs ever since the first one where he dipped his soft, soft hands into a sink full of fairy liquid and dishes. And his soft, soft eyes in those billboards.
The Tories are not the cruel party, the evil party- Labour are.

My greatest excitement, which has aroused me often, is that the liberal arty farty direction we've been heading will finally be at an end. No more people getting a "degree" in Tourism and then writing to the Daily Mail complaining about not being employable and how the government lied about the benefits of a University education. No more arts students. No more.

Under the great Tories, either you get out in the fields and work 12 hours a day, or you study your arse off and become an engineer.
No more "media consultancy executives". Thank fuck.

Rock on, the Tories - the only way to fix a broken nation

I totally agree with Welsh Rarebit. Arts are for stupid farts who can't work nor hold a worhtwhile profession.
As for British politics, I'm afraid whatever the result, your country is down the drain. Short of resurrecting Queen Victoria, you have no hope.

Viscount, what the dickens is going on up there? You've got a rotten, stinking carcass of a Labour Party... the Conservatives should have romped home! For heaven's sake, how much of a loser is David Camoron!


Damned right, Welsh Rabbit! I note that one quarter of your countrymen opted for the Tories compared to just 14% of the Scotch. Time to set the sweaties free, I think...

Blame it on the Labour fiefdom in Scotland, CEO. The Tories won a massive majority in England.

Darwinia - loath as I am to wade in on a country's grief, a South African informing Brits that their country is 'down the drain' does stick in the craw somewhat. I'd take Brown over Zuma/Malema and native rule any day.

Anyway back to the subject at hand - these Australians seem to see the problems facing the UK better than most here. The Scotch need to be told to foxtrot oscar, we'll take the good ones anyway as I think the phrase 'brain drain' was invented to describe the Scottish migratory phenomena to England. The Welsh have pleasantly surprised me.

Yours etc


Despite the tendency of the media to focus on recalcitrant voices in Wales, the country is unionist to the core - and far more socially conservative than one might assume. Plaid, and the independance agenda, has never constituted more than an extremely small mixture of romantic intellectuals and noisy students. And now that the smell of Thatcher is finally clearing from the nostrils, it's a fare bet that the Tories will find further rich pickings here.

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