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28 October 2010


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Welcome back, sir, and I look forward to your battle-cheer as we face the convicts with balls round and oval.

Thank you, old boy. I am rather looking forward to the forthcoming season of colonial-hunting.

Huzah! Some humoour returns to my daily slog. Good to have you back sir, trust you managed to sample some tof the local herbs whilst at her majestis pleasure?

De-Angelo did drop a few odd-looking herbs into my pipe. I've not had such a fit of the giggles since Stinky Chichester celebrated the Queen’s Coronation by letting loose a Russian bear in the Balliol front quad.

Fantastic news! Welcome back Croucho!!!

(I wonder how many points the Wallabies will pile on in the final quarter at Twickers?)


Ah, the CEO! I believe our chaps handed out a little spanking in New South Wales colony in June? Quade Cooper still has a sore bottom, I believe! Let battle be rejoined at Twickers.

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