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15 November 2010


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Brave words Crouchback. Brave and foolish words.

Need I remind you that the mighty Saxon master race has only managed to defeat us genetically inferior sub-species, commonly known as Micks, once in their last 8 encounters!! Excellent form indeed!

No doubt on the surface you will present some spurious explanation for this FACT, but do admit that inside you are terrified of us. Surely you must ask yourself "how can such a tiny country that plays rugby as a 4th sport possibly dominate us so?"

I'm going to hold you to this prediction my lad. If Ireland do win I suggest that the only honorable course of action would be for you to lock yourself into your study with a bottle of whiskey and a handgun.

Absolute rot, my dear boy! That was an aberrational period in English rugger - we're back to the 90s/early 00s period of ritual beastings again now, my child, so be sure to pack the lube for Lansdowne!

And incidentally, I can assure you that if, by some devious method, the Irish do manage to beat us, then my only honourable course of action wll be to bellow for Seamus, the Head Gardener, to come into my study and receive six of the best as punishment!

Why aren't more people leaving comments and reading!

A pathetic world you are!

This bloke is magnificent!

Tally Ho.


My Lord,

Did you see that the backwoodsmen of Munster BEASTED Australia yesterday evening.

What’s that you said?? The so called inferior Celts did what? Yes they BEASTED the convicts!!

Oh what joy..if a second string Munster team can defeat the wallabies..what does it say about the English victory??

Munster played rugger in its truest form, not the pansey flimsy way England did.. How can you respect all these rugby league converts playing girly rugby??

So your illusions of easy victory over the mighty Irish are indeed short lived. As I’ve said before, playing England is like playing the Italians i.e all too easy.

p.s for every jonno on the red carpet there's a ROG with his hands in his pockets!!

"Rugger in its truest form?" What? Leathering the ball 100 yards into the air during a force nine gale?

But it would be churlish of me not to congratulate the spud munchers. Well done, Munster. I daresay you chappies need all the respite you can get at the moment.

My apologies, dear Viscount. I've no idea of the size of your vast readership. And the quality and number of comments is quite incredible.

What a glorious world we live in!


Ah, the hubris of the foolish mortal who would do battle with the gods. Ye will feast upon your vainglourius words and sew your tortured despair deep within the hallowed earth of lansdowne, restored now to its fabled glory. and from the heights of ruglympos mighty bo'd, weilder of the thunder bolt and marshall of the aggressive drift defensive system, and with him darcey whom the south dubliners call dorce the fleet footed as they pour their libations at his heineken alter, shall reign humiliation down upon your talentless ranks of aviva premiership wastrels, their only use as the sun sets on the devestation strewn accross the dublin turf,to provide carrion meat for dogs and birds of prey.

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