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16 November 2010


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Good man bamber. Keep it up

My lord would you like to see the dissolution of the EU?

Compared to the conditions typically attached to any bailout by the IMF, your ones aren't half-bad. I think we should take them!

Chucky - The sight of Stephen "Nutcracker Thighs" Ferris in a white shirt would be well worth £7bn. Let's hope George Osborne is a rugger fan.

Gemini - Absolutely, old bean. I would like to see the whole ghastly edifice destroyed by Visigoths and Vandals.

My Lord,
According to the Telegraph, British banks have lent £140bn to Ireland. Surely it cost less than this to impose colonial rule on the buggers?
It's no surprise that £50bn comes from RBS. Have the Scots sunk so far?
I've always had a soft spot for Hamish, his engineers, traders and savages were instrumental in building the Empire.
Now, most of the Jock populace leeches off the sweat of England, moaning all the while. And the few with jobs have set aside the thrift of their forbears and thrown billions at Paddy to be 'invested' in whisky and stout!

My dear Bunbury, you are quite right about RBS and the Scotch. But it is common knowledge in the City that HSBC is the only British bank worth a fig. It at least retains some of the old Empire spirit. The others are utterly hopeless institutions populated by the type of bumptious oik one might find in a Bret Easton Ellis novel.


If you are going take alms, put a bit of it towards the completion of that new pigs-ear of a stadium at Lansdowne Road. I don't know whether the Pinot Noir was stronger than usual last Saturday, but i could have sworn i saw a bloody great 50ft steel fence behind the posts at one end.

Sir, surely you don't lump Barclays Capital into the same category as RBS and the other jokers? My colleagues would be most upset to learn that my noble Lord doesn't rate them!

Barclays Capital? Hmm. I know a couple of young fellows from there, old scout. Pukka enough, but not exactly phlegm-and-beef material.

Ah come here to me horse, as a red blooded republican irish man, i have to raise a bit of a fuss in response to some of the material included in yer comment. To be honest, and im sure youd agree with me yourself, seven billion by the time its been divided by three and a half million and i get my personal share. is a meagre amount of amount of punts, gratefull and all as we are. Sure id bearly be through my first round in amsterdam with the brother and the lads from the kiltimagh bear knuckle boxing club by the time that runs out. Would ye not think of maybe throwing another ten billion or so onto the top of that, so as we could at least get a good session out of it. Pay ye back as soon we get paid, no word of lie. Much obliged to ye horse.

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