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09 November 2010


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Sir, having seen a BBC documentary series entitle "Welcome to Lagos", I fear that Adebayo has been ruthlessly defrauded if he has been charged £650,000 to make the extension to Crouchback Castle reminiscent of Lagos.

I should imagine £65 would have been more appropriate, and even then a little on the high side.

I toured the extension in question earlier. It is indeed a decidedly shoddy piece of work. The vast bulk of the wonga seems to have been spent on a 20 foot marble statue of Beyonce Knowles.

Adebayo is currently locked in the Castle dungeons while I decide what to do with him.

My Lord,

Apropros of nothing, but are you aware that your splendid blog still has the title "Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition".

I didn't have you marked as a Labour supporter

Ah yes, down the side you mean? I shall see if I can fix that, old boy. Thanks.

What an ensemble of horrors to come home to my Lord.

It's somewhat comforting, My Lord, to know that these Africans are at least spreading their nuisance to the upper echelons. In the course of my research on late 19th century civic culture, a visit to Swansea Public Library is sometimes required. And, suffice to say, i do wish they could find another bloody place to check their asylum status or enjoy the banalities of YouTube. It's enough to make one come over all Cecil Rhodes. Put it this way, it certainly didn't seem like we'd won 'first prize in the lottery of life' this afternoon when i couldn't get my arse on a seat for over an hour.

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