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22 November 2010


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Sire, you have my sword!

You, my friend, are a true Saxon warrior.

Irish mercenary here.

Will kill Boer for cash or debt relief.

Son of Erin - Scalp 10 Boers and I shall give you Rutland.

Fear not my lord, they're not that frightening.

My Lord, north of the Limpopo there will be many cries for England. Alas, we shall be forced to listen to Boer commentary on the telly. Quite awful.

A Rhodesian? Splendid. I imagine the Boer commentary consists of guttural grunts and yelps and the occasional cry of ecstasy. Rather like listening to the next door couple having sex, perhaps.

South Africa vs England
Brutality vs Pluck
Psychoticness vs Composure
Mindlessness vs Stoutness
Donald vs Athers
Krige vs Wilko
Boer vs Gentleman
Soweto vs Oxford

Come on England!

Oh Dear!!

The most decorous thing to say at this point in time my Lord is...

your boys were BEASTED!!!!!!

Bliksem! That was a befokde game of rugby, boet. In fact, it was quite a jawl watching your boys get BEASTED! Yours etc...

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