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10 November 2010


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Welcome back VC. This is long overdue. Hope you found a replacement dog, fired the Nigerian drug dealer and most of all I am so happy that you found the love of your life in Burgersdorp.

Frankly old plod were a disgrace! Gone are the days when our trusty peelers would have connected head with truncheon in a most satisfying manner. The only thing I saw raised in anger from our MET was rather pathetic voices calling for the proletariat to 'get back.' Considering, I dare say, a bare minimum of the mob spoke English it was a useless example of policing.

I blame the weak government for not allowing the police to take action.

Protesting is legal but rioting isn't! Batons, water cannons, tear gas, pellet guns, tasers and hounds should have all done the job in a minute or two tops.

Turns out they were a pretty bourgeois lot. Worst that could happen, My Lord, is that they march to the castle and start advising you on recipies and soft-furnishings.

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