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12 December 2010


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I'm afraid, milord, that you are failing to take into account the yawning chasm between Ms Hurley's utterly marvellous looks and her personality, which resembles a bulldog chewing a wasp.
Despite his obvious oikishness, the botoxed larrikin is ahead of her in the non-physical charm department. (And did you see the oily wog she was married to? Technically handsome but distinctly creepy.)
I'm encouraged by the whole episode. With the simple investment of a few thou in dental work, hairpulgs, bleach and the injection of botulism into my face, I could soon snap up a fine filly!

I get the impression that My Lord is unaware of Mrs.Hurley's ethnic background.

Oh really? A Jewess perhaps? I should have guessed - one seldom sees knockers like that on a Saxon filly.

From wiki:

"Her Irish father was a Major in the British Army, while her Anglican mother was a teacher at Kempshott Infant School."

Even worse than a Jewess I'm afraid.

Half-Irish(the good looking half).

The true shire fillies must be nothing short of repulsive if My Lord has to start claiming our women!

She's only ever been known for the men off whose arms she dangles. A professional consort and a hopeless flake. Lovely tits, though, granted.

My Lord, you might be interested to learn that Tremlett appears to have evened the score up at 1-1.


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