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15 December 2010


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Only £27,000? We need to raise that immediately, lest persons of lower class and breeding intrude. Just as we're doing with university education...

Tally Ho! Viscount!

You really are in fine form... is there anything you don't know?

By the way, is it "un-Australian" to be enjoying Ponting's demise? I suspect the answer is yes, but, really, what can one do.

What a ghastly creature he is! Cricket Captains must be from New South Wales (Bradman, Benaud, Border, Taylor, Waugh, to name a few). No ifs, no buts, no Tasmanians no Victorians (no Queenslanders)!

What's the score at The WACA?!!!!


I've read that there's a Tasmanian mafia on the selection panel, Gerry. Sounds a bit rum. I've also heard that the Tasmanian gene pool makes Norfolk's look positively healthy.

I'm not sure, CEO. Is there a cricket match going on? Ho ho... but seriously, well done to Johnson. Splendid inswing. All he needs to do now is scrub off those atrocious tattoos and he'll look like a proper cricketer...

Oops. Spoken too soon my Lord. 27 000 pounds could not do the trick?

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