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06 December 2010


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Excellent post old chap.

The worst mistake we English ever made was exporting what was once a noble and honourable game for gentlemen to the swarthy greaseballs of the Mediterrannean and the wife-beaters of eastern Europe.

We should have left them to stick spears into bulls, slide around on ice and snow, beat the living daylights out of one another or whatever else passes for sport in those godforsaken places. Instead we have these decidedly rum lesser breeds with names like Nani and Berbatov throwing themseves to the ground and feigning agony, blatantly trying to cheat the referee while earning more in a month than the stout rugger chaps earn in a career.

It's a sad state of affairs made worse by the likes of Prince William and Mr Cameron toadying up to these vulgar and common FIFA bounders in the hope of winning the Oikball WC bid and having more of these obnoxious continental louts polluting our fair shores.

Let the Russians have it . . . and let's keep our dignity!

Rugby: The Englishman rules the roost. How so? Getting clobbered at Twickenham by the All Blacks and the Springboks do not sound like ruling now, my Lord. Seems like English rugby is taking a bow far too often.

Quite right, Kitch. And let's reject the emasculation of the game while we're at it. Footer was once a robust game for robust chaps. The FA ought to make it so once again and if the Euroweenies don't like it, sod 'em!

I was referring to off-field matters, Darwinia. In rugger, when an Englishman wants the world cup on his turf, he jolly well gets it.

My lord,
Your sentiments are echoed by antagonistic, half-malay rugby writer (and former Quins, England and Lions hooker) Brian Moore

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