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05 February 2011


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Dear God,

Thank you for investing in England with so many excellent rugby players. It seems you weren't taking the piss with Coventry! It may be quite grotty, but it has produced some awful good rugby lads.

Keep up the good work and take it easy big guy.

Ben Saunders

P.S. Further thanks for allowing that goony Warren Gatland to remain in charge of the Boyos.

Also, why has Rob Howley escaped any criticism for the bland Welsh backplay?

My Lord, could you please do a post similar to this one, but with slightly different opposition? The Springboks! Would love to hear that...Glad you are back as well my lord!

What does my lord feel about Chris Ashton and his rather questionable pedigree? His unintelligible post game interview was nothing short of an assault on the ears and his try celebration hysterics devalue the sport. Hopefully, a job such as that done on Jason Robinson, whereby he was transformed from a similarly rum sort of individual into the epitome of an English rugby man and a sterling representative for the nation, is conducted forthwith. For what is the point in "beasting" Wales, as you so excellently put it, if, in doing so, one sacrifices the moral highground over the long faced, crooning horde.

Yours humbly,

Justin Fitzgerald





Oh dear, someone doesn't get the joke!

Ah, the hubris of the foolish mortal who would do battle with the gods. Ye will feast upon your vainglourius words and sew your tortured despair deep within the hallowed earth of lansdowne, restored now to its fabled glory. and from the heights of ruglympos mighty bo'd, weilder of the thunder bolt and marshall of the aggressive drift defensive system, and with him darcey whom the south dubliners call dorce the fleet footed as they pour their libations at his heineken alter, shall reign humiliation down upon your talentless ranks of aviva premiership wastrels, their only use as the sun sets on the devestation strewn accross the dublin turf,to provide carrion meat for dogs and birds of prey

Do the block capitals signify shouting or irony I wonder?

So where's His Lordship at? Back in that Caribbean gaol? Busy planning the deposition of some African dictator with the chaps at White's? Or has he finally admitted defeat, handed his pile over to the National Trust and eloped to Lagos with Adebayo. The possibilities are legion.

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