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07 March 2011


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hahaha! I bet that hurts that one of the best players ever to grace a rugby field is firstly a proud Celt and secondly recognized by your beloved royal family a key invitee to the wedding

Hopefully O'Driscoll will keep his hands in his pockets when meeting the Queen.

The queen should then get on her knee's and beg for forgiveness for..well.. pretty much every murdering act you carried out while we were part of Great Britain. (note: I have left out bloody Sunday.. Your prime minister's grovelling apology was sufficient)

If she doesn't do it front of GOD..ahem..im mean BOD then im sure she will plead for mercy and absolution to our president when she crawls over to Ireland in May.

A proud Celt? My informers tell me he's a closet royalist actually, old bean. Why do you think he was invited?

I say, sir! That's taking the anti-Celt line rather too far. Apart from being a jolly fine chap (and, of course, a former leader of a British Isles overseas force) Mr O'Discoll remains, surely, a candidate for beefcake of the season.

Damn glasses. Mr O'Driscoll, of course.

A more accurate name for this website should be The Viscount speaks bigoted Shite .And they wonder what happened to their empire .....Doh!.By the way ,the queen does not invite losers to the wedding so Viscount it looks like you will be staying at home pulling your plum as usual .Maybe pick up that well worn Walter Mitty book after said pulling of plum .All the best arseholes.

Dark days for the Irish indeed.
From the above contributions it would seem that some members of the populace have even had to pawn their sense of humour to get by.

Newson, i whole heartedly agree with you that these rather witless posters do indeed cast the nation in a most unfortunate light. Fortunately, judging by some of the comments on these distinguished pages, the Aussies have come through aces and managed to steal the title of most 'unsophisticated wet blankets' right from our grasp.

Lord Naivasha, if the Palace is after Irish beefcakes, then there is only one man to invite: Stephen "Nutcracker Thighs" Ferris. I would happily pay the man's fare to witness in the flesh those famous Ulster fast twitch muscle fibres.

Justin: Quite so. No Irishman has yet challenged me to a duel like our colonial friend on the Brock James thread ... but I suspect it's only a matter of time.

I will stand by without perturbance while you ridicule my people. I will stoically turn the other cheek as you rubbish my nations proud history, but mr crouchback, my admirable tolerance will abate no more when you cast such heinous aspersions upon my chieftain and captain bod. Such a man you have never had the good fortune to share the same species with. O'driscoll could dump tackle, turn over and score the length of a pitch try against a silly little englander like you by merely looking at him. In future I'd advise that you hold your Tongue when the thought occurs to you to take bods name in vain. Incidentally I imagine youl be reading Livy in translation, not having received the adequate classical education in whatever minor public school you attended to read the original Latin. Bod attended blackrock college, where as well as learning the game of rugby scarcely imaginable to your kind, he was made proficient in the lingua romana.

What ho Crouchers,

It looks like Nugget and Alfie will be making up the Welsh contigent:


Ahaha, very droll indeed. I agree, it has been revealed the Beckhams are invited.. it cannt get much more degenerate. Your Blog is a good old chucklepot, where is yr famly seat?

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