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14 March 2011


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In more interesting news..and confirming the superiority of the standard of living in Ireland versus the UK..


"WITH THIRD-LEVEL fees in England on the rise, increasing numbers of students from the UK are applying for places in Irish colleges.

According to CAO figures, there has been an 11 per cent increase in applications from the UK in comparison with the same time last year"

"Some disenchanted students now appear to be looking to Ireland for their solution"

I see you "disenchanted" limeys are crawling over here cap in hand because frankly the standard of living in the UK is far below ours.

Not surprising really..

1/10, Andrew.

But nonetheless, it's worth noting that such a desperate attack betrays exhaustion, and exhaustion warrants pity, not scorn. My advice to you, Andrew, would be to quell your frustration, and come back another day. Any further clutching for straws will only serve to compound your embarrassment. Cease now, and preserve what's left of your dignity.


You had nothing to offer.. your efforts were pathetic and pitiful!!

Out-classed..out-gunned..Out-mastered by the superior Celts

It’s always fun to see the puny saxons getting a superb thrashing!

However I must admit beating you is getting tedious at this stage.. akin to playing Italy. Even the surrender loving Italians put up a better, more skilled and more heroic fight against us this year than worthless england..

p.s thank you for the rambling and useless comeback Lawrence!

By the way did you forsee that complete and utter dominant one sided victory???

I'd get my money back from Mystic Meg if I were you.

Please, guys, refrain from the youtube-level bickering. This blog is above that.

Viscount - please execute a prompt IP barring of these buffoons.

Yours in reverence,


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