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02 December 2009


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Quite right your lordship. The Australians, as a whole, should be thoroughly grateful for the fartherly guidance shown to them by their former school master which in this case is the one who canes the most, Great Britain.

I'm a 26 year old civil engineer of little social standing - bar a contentious connection to the Curwen family of Cumbria (Jacobite rabble rousers, I don't mind admitting). And my father saw no problem with birching us, an action that did us a great service/lesson. Leading me to be one of the state school leavers who could read and write instead of ride a moped and roll a joint.


I'm a long time reader of your rousing 'pamphlet to the prols'. You write with great insight into issues that most Brits think and nod their heads to in their day to day life. I don't agree with all of what you say but I'd be a damned fool if I didn't share your lamenting proposals of returning this former seat of empire (it saddens me, and most, to write:"former") to a land whereby you could smoke in public and violently remove Gypsies from your land.

Keep holding the torch for us monarchical trusting many.

Thank you for your kind words, old scout. You are most welcome here.

No sympathy for the deposed Mr. Turnbull from me. He should have been replaced much earlier.

Ah, welcome along, sir! I am a great admirer of your blog and urge all Crouchbackites to have a jolly good read of it.

My Dear Viscount,

I have some exciting news to report: Yesterday I was coaxed across the Bridge to Lane Cove where I was secretly met by Father Emmet Costello and Tony Abbott. I must admit, I've never been a particular fan of the Jesuits, but, when Fr. Costello removed my blindfold, introduced me to that magnificent river-view and whispered the words "quantum potes tantum aude" I became putty in his hands.

As much as you can do, CEO, so much dare to do!

Well, guess what? Yes, I have decided to immediately seek pre-selection for the famed federal seat of Wentworth! If Turnbull won't move aside, he shall be white-anted, out-spent, knuckle-dusted and cheated aside!

I have youth, intelligence and an unbridled thirst for power. To say nothing of my considerable pluck, phlegm and beef. I also know this electorate like the back of my hand. And as it concerns those preeminent constituents, I have nearly always shown a degree of benevolence toward the Jew and toward the homo-sexual.

Truth be told, I bare no grudge against Malcolm - our sporadic e-mail correspondence has always been at the least cordial, if at times a little tardy. Which reminds me, Barry O' Farrell, MP (NSW Liberal Leader) is yet to receive my reply regarding another matter - it would doubtless be expedient, as it were, to get the rumour mill humming at Macquarie Street (nothing too nasty, mind you; Just a few tidbits regarding Malcolm's "dealings" with the late Kerry Packer and a very well known "socialite").

Anyway, that should probably be all for now. I thank you again and in advance, My Dear Viscount, for your continued inspiration and example.

As much as you can do, so much dare to do!


Good heavens, the CEO is running for the Australian Parliament? Well, that is magnificent news! I should be interested to hear your personal manifesto?

Fair dinkum! Isn't the CEO a massive gibberer! The CEO has precisely zero chance of ousting Turnbull! Zero!

But thanks a lot, VC, for the link to that very insightful and impressive piece from Abbott. Abbott grows on me by the hour. (Great shame though that Turnbull remains a sniper from the backbench.)

Tally Ho!


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