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21 March 2010


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I couldn’t see the game’s RTE commentary because I’m abroad; granted the Triple Crown replica at McGurk’s elbow sounds funny but I’m absolutely certain their panellists remain the best and most entertaining of the rugby-pundits on these Isles. I must admit that I generally enjoy their banter a great deal.

The English commentary on the French game however was dire and laughable. Some imbecilic mouth-breathing prole constantly interpreted the breakdown/scrum rules incorrectly, always apologizing afterwards and basically tripping over himself verbally and intellectually at every possible juncture.

Ireland has every right to expect to beat Scotland. We are a better side then them. We are also a better side than England. It's hardly to be held against Ireland that they acknowledge their strengths, the same people that accuse them of over-optimism will accuse them of meekness or lacking in killer-instinct when they show humility. Meh. Ireland slotted second place which is basically what they deserved. Next year they shall hang, draw and quarter the French/Scottish; they shall pull the skin from their bones and take their skulls as trophies to display in Limerick (City?).

"Next year they shall hang, draw and quarter the French"

Unless Nigel Owens is reffing again they really won't. The Frogs have reliably reamed the Mick for decades. This year was simply normal service resumed.

Quite so, JimB.

But Gemini is quite right about Moore - what a ghastly street oik that fellow is.

Mr Horace Woolington,
You might find this an odd request on this site but, my name is Kathryn Woolington and I live in Florida, USA. I am in the process of building my ancestry on Ancestry.com and I am trying to locate all Woolingtons in order to complete my tree on the Woolington side. There is not much info on this name and I have hit a block on when my ancestors came to this country as most of the records were destroyed in our Civil War back in the mid 1800s. If it is possible can you contact me some how through this site. I do have a "facebook" account under my name. Thank you for your help in this matter.

I just found out this was a fake name this person used, so please disregard this posting, unless there is anyone out there with the name Woolington.

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