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21 March 2010


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A rather entertaining day of Rugby to be sure. I didn't resent the Scottish one bit for beating us (Irish). They were the better side and to be honest, deserved something for their efforts in the tournament. I was far more disappointed to see the French beat a superior English side. I hate the French, they have ruined far too many an Irish championship in recent years and that smug little bastard Parra needs to be put on his stomach and beasted internally by Dylan Hartley and John Hayes.

I myself spent several years at the Christian Brothers College in Cork my Lord. A splendidly strict school in its day. I remember at least one of the brothers there used to still use the cane to brutalize 8 and 9 year old boys in the early 90s.

Well done for coming third in the tournament this year my Lord. But let’s hope that every team from these great isles humiliates and destroys those nefarious frogs next year, for no one deserved to win a Grandslam in so pitiful a manner.

Yours in earnest,

Jolly well said, old bean!

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