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22 March 2010


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"So there are no odious Russian or Arab types to lead one's boy astray."

My fags tell me that a 'replica' is being built in Qatar, and is expected to be completed by 2012, my Lord.

I think it's about time you started reminding the Foreign Office of their patriotic obligations to their soveriegn. If such a notion still exists.

I've no problem with that if the Arabs and Russians are sent to Qatar rather than Dorset. In fact, it sounds like a jolly good wheeze!

You glossed over Alan Turing - not quite what you had in mind - and worse, bed-wetting, whiny tree-hugger, Chris Martin.

A jolly good wheeze indeed, my Lord. But in the long run the joke may be on Sherborne - in the form of exchange programs. With mutual indulgence, might I add. And that, my Lord, is where the rot will surely set in.

My Lord, did you have the opportunity to watch an odd little programme called 'The Russians are Coming'?

All about a rather unpleasant lady who is making a career out of getting the children of her rich Russian clients in to public schools. She makes use of a strange bunch of people who run courses at their country homes in things like shooting, polo and how to make your bed. Supposedly these are the sort of things that help you to fit in at public school, although I found the ability to hide a poker set and a bottle of single malt in my bedroom a much more useful skill.

Yes, I did watch the programme you mention. The mother was quite boffable I thought, but her son was a hopeless dolt. The KGB type who was shown around Stowe made my skin crawl. And the oddball Brits facilitating these vile Russkis ought to be shot at dawn.

Super website of yours by the way, old bean. I'll have to send Lord Emsworth along to have a look at it.

Far better to send them to King's Bruton just down the road.
Sherborne - Chris Martin! Need I say more...

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