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29 March 2010


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Apologies for being so foward, my Lord, and I understand it to be a most private (yet for some reason, fashionable these days) affliction.

But doesn't my Lord have a member of staff he can dispatch for the little blue pills? With a covering story of it being for Lord Emsworth, so as not to cause embarressment for the innocent courier.

Just a thought.

Although I'm sure that surely brigand Andrew K will no doubt be in possession of more colourful advice. I blame his parents.

Silly religion. They should all be good RC's.

Surely you are a God-fearing Calvinist, old duck?

Lawrence - I considered asking Adebayo, the new stable hand, to pick them up, but I feared that the randy blighter would munch them all himself.

Forgive me for lacking such obvious foresight, my Lord.

Entrusting delivery of your 'shunting-biscuits' to a randy Nigerian would only have ended in tears. His tears, that is.

Don't you have a "plumper" m'lord? What's the point of servants who don't serve?

God feaaring Calvinist? Did they not become extinct with the Dodo?

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