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29 December 2010


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Crouchers, I know our new age shock jock "comedians" rely on unbridled vulgarity and or spite, but I'm very surprised you'd embrace them. I would have thought a true Englishman would be a tad embarrassed by old Giles? What!

It's a bit revealing. A bit sad, I'm afraid.

Similar points perhaps and gloating etc could have been made in a far more British and noble manner.

Good to see the back of Ponting, though.


South Africans shamed into timidity? Obviously Giles has never encountered those obstinate oafs on the Roar.

Regarding the Australians Coren is spot on... about everything. I take great delight in watching these crass buffoons stumble from one sporting disaster to the next.

My Lord, are you prepared to comment on the rumours linking your good self with the job of performance director with the RFU?
I personally feel you would be just the man to provide some gentle guidance to young Johnson in his team selection, run the rule over promising beefy specimens and ensure the first XV isn't entirely overrun with oiks and colonial rejects.

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