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20 March 2011


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The forced smiles of dull bruised men set against the backdrop of a soulless hotel room.

Yes, there's something a little sad about that photo.

Just in case you missed this!

Another delightfully apt comment from Steve James in the telegraph..

"They were boys in a man’s world."

Indeed England were.. That's what happens when stock of a lesser breed, such as the Saxons, faces up the brutality and might of the Irish Celts


p.s worst six nations winners ever

And again..

I think Mike Catt summed it up beautifully in the the telegraph..

"Ireland, to be fair, were simply irresistible. England were outclassed in every single department and could not live with the intensity and tempo of an Ireland side who delivered their most passionate and compelling display of the championship"

If i may paraphrase for a moment..
Winston Churchil, Maggie Thatcher, Lady Diana etc, etc..
"Your boys took a hell of a beasting"

7/8 since 2003.
Not bad for Plucky Little Ireland...


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