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16 March 2011


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My lord,
A bit off-topic, but what did you think of Italy's magnificent victory over France?
Super Sergio for Beefcake of the week?


I thought my Lord would enjoy this.

Seamus will deny you your Grand Slam Viscount; have no doubt about it.

The Mick always doubles the force and accuracy of the cudgel or flail when it's directed towards the Saxon's head.

The time has come mr crouchback for you and yours to answer for your unwarranted hubris and unbecoming vanity. The hour fast approaches when the Ashton boy and his brutish band of uncouth and ill raised whelps will be made to give an account of themselves at the hands of men, and by Mark me, they shall be found wanting. Tomorrow upon the emerald sod of landsdowne we shall have an end to this foolish talk of English grand slams and triple crowns. There before the watchful gaze of their countrymen noble bod and darce, fleet of foot, aided in combat by that mighty bulwark whom the peoples of the middle plains call heaslip, shall tear asunder the hapless banahan and leave his kiwi import partner in arms mournful and dejected, face down in the field of play. Yea, tommorow the tackles shall be double and tries many. As you look on through tear stained visage, i hope, viscount your feast of foolish words shall taste of ash and bloody despair. The die is cast.

Nice idea Paddy but your boys are certainly going to lose.

Have a smashing weekend.

What do you think now that the match has been played dear Viscount?

Those boys in white sure took a mighty beasting. I'm not sure they'll be able to walk properly for several weeks.


You had nothing to offer.. your efforts were pathetic and pitiful!!

Out-classed..out-gunned..Out-mastered by the superior Celts

It’s always fun to see the puny saxons getting a superb thrashing!

However I must admit beating you is getting tedious at this stage.. akin to playing Italy. Even the surrender loving Italians put up a better, more skilled and more heroic fight against us this year than worthless england..

Have to say, that the joy of beating England at most significant sports is diminishing every year as it is becoming so regular.

Ah well, it could be worse.

I think that's what they call a thorough pummelling my Lord.

My Lord, being a good rugby man, and as such, bred to be magnanimous in victory, this does not come naturally to me....

However, it must be said, that your English boys were beasted today!

Oh I'm sorry, did you not hear me? The pride of the British Empire got Beasted today!!

Once more? The cream of the Anglo Saxon race got BEASTED today!!

Cromwell, Churchill, Shakespeare....your boys took one hell of a beasting.

My Lord, being a good rugger man, surely you will be big enough to admit that Mr. O'Connell, aka the Ginger Beefcake, with his flowing locks, bulging biceps, throbbing triceps, nutcracker thighs and cheeky smile, must be a shoe-in for Beefcake of the Century!

Yours in rugby...etc

I think Mike Catt summed it up beautifully in the the telegraph..

"Ireland, to be fair, were simply irresistible. England were outclassed in every single department and could not live with the intensity and tempo of an Ireland side who delivered their most passionate and compelling display of the championship"


Another delightfully apt comment from Steve James in the telegraph..

"They were boys in a man’s world."

Indeed England were.. That's what happens when stock of a lesser breed, such as the Saxons, faces up the brutality and might of the Irish Celts


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