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09 March 2011


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It bodes well that you realize your Irish superiors will require all that "Jonnos new model army" can muster in order to have any chance to defeat us

Agreed - The game against the scots this weekend is about as relevant as the scots having their own parliament. But they have pulled off the odd shocker before..

As always I read your piece with interest. I think perhaps you've missed a trick in your interpretation of Jock. Jock is in essence part Celt, part Saxon, and part Norseman with his weaker qualities attributable to the Celtic part and his hardiness and resourcefullness the latter two. The Calcutta Cup and its origins always serves as a good reminder of British greatness - it is notable that the Irish and Welsh do not feature in the story.

That's quite right, old sport. The Lowland Scots, in particular, are of good sturdy Saxon constitution.

The difference between Jock and Seamus is interesting. Seamus is a weak-willed individual who finds it inordinately difficult to defer gratification. Hence the sad and inevitable fate of "de Celtic Tiger".

Jock, on the other hand, possesses sufficient self-control to quietly build his capital over a period of decades. It is not for nothing that we English have been quietly tolerant of Scotch involvement in British politics over the years. The unfortunate case of Mr Brown notwithstanding, they do generally bring a formidable level of intellect and phlegm to bear on any given situation.

And yes, the Calcutta Cup is without peer. I certainly rate it above the ghastly parvenu Webb Ellis Cup.

A splendid piece, old fruit, and spot on as usual.

I agree entirely and I rather enjoyed your reference to Johnson's New Model Army. I'm quite sure some of the Boggies will take great exception to your choice of phrase and kick up a bit of a fuss . . . only to realise how apt a description it was in about 8 days time. A corking post indeed! Good show!

Fantastic, as usual. And I've learnt a new word: "parvenu".

Dear Viscount, have you ever considered getting yourself a twitter account?


Any thoughts on the Wales - Ireland game m'lud?

Quite right, Kitch. When our chaps lay waste to Lansdowne in Cromwellian style, the Micks will get down on bended knee in sheer, unadulterated reverence.

I'll have to see about that, Dinkledink. It's an interesting idea. Welcome along by the way!

Jim, one would imagine that the new quick ball game would suit the Taffs down to the ground. The poor old Micks seem completely clueless now that brazen cheating at the ruck is no longer quite so tolerated. On talent alone, I'd favour the Taffs by about 15.

The problem, as ever with the Welsh, is their utter lack of phlegm and poise. The poor blighters simply have no bottle. If only the IRB would permit a couple of Englishmen to lead them into battle, the Welsh would win everything.

As it is, they'll probably go from side to side for 80 minutes and then lose to a wonky O'Gara drop goal in the 9th minute of injury time.

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