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21 March 2011


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My dear Crouchback...I wonder what prizes the damn yanks have promised us to take the lead in this one?

I'd like to see John Bull return to India and deliver a reality check to those racist, heavily tanned wretches that are ruining world cricket!

This 20/20 IPL crap needs to be banned. Immediately! Any profits swindled and banked so far should be redirected straight into ICC coffers, for the right royal honourable John Winston Howard to administer; Howard being the ICC's rightful heir and chairman.

Mrs. Havisham

Nick Easter has always been a solid player for the red rose of England. Thus his sentiments are well respected..

Lets see some of the highlights from his recent article in the telegraph!

"...it all seems hollow....We simply must not forget the sense of desolation we felt at the final whistle. That hurt has got to stay with us now over the coming weeks and months ..... We cannot brush this defeat under the carpet, cannot write it off as just one of those things. No, it is a scar that we will have forever....We were well and truly beaten"

Quite right old boy!


He also said this..

"It should be a proud moment lifting the RBS Six Nations trophy, but it wasn’t. There was just this big, dull ache, a sense of what might have been. There was a hell of an empty feeling there."

Good to see the players of England are realistic. I bet some of the employees at Nike are hiding underneath their shells.

It just keeps getting better and better!

More honest and correct comments from one of england's new young guns... Tom Wood

"felt like I'd had my heart ripped out"

"We got caught cold really which is pretty unacceptable at this level against a quality team like that."

"Individually we weren't good enough, collectively we weren't good enough...we will remember this game more than the four victories."

"It felt like we were rabbits in the headlights. We just couldn't stop their momentum"

Well said Tom. That's what happens when an inferior species such as the anglo saxon faces up the might of the Irish Celt.

Snivelling little worthless cockroaches is all you limeys are and we crushed you!

You dont even deserve the capital E in england


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