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31 March 2011


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The more I hear about this 'royal' wedding, the less I like. It's clear that the heir to the throne has picked up the worst traits of his parents and this has materialised itself firstly in the form of his not-a-princess bride.
Personally, I admire her slinky physique, which would be the envy of the best of Bangkok's chickboys. However, her face has picked up a touch of the council somewhere along the line.
I appreciate that dear Liz had to get him married off before he lost his looks altogether (and he's looking distinctly ratty even now) but surely we could have done better.
This business of the invitation to the lowbrow colonial cheat is just a disgrace, as was asking a barely house-trained paddy along. There are thousands of Englishmen playing rugby who should have been invited first.
William's weakness in these matters is a reflection of the limp, self-hating libdem monarchy we will sadly and shortly be doomed to.
I'd pray for him to be involved in some sort of tragic accident, as his brother looks to have more spunk, although he's clearly a Teddy seven type.
Of course, the ideal solution would be, once her majesty and Phil the Greek have gone gracefully to their graves, to engineer some catastrophe to waste the line of succession until it left Zara I and her noble prince Michael to take the throne.
I might come back to Blighty if that happened...

"ill-bred colonial to the wedding" - emm, maybe you should pull your head in Visconti.

After all Richie McCaw's grandfather fought in the Battle of Britain to save your party hide.

As for the future King, William is the least of the royals you should be getting stuck into.

Hows the rugby going? Oh wait you lost to the irish!

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