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23 March 2011


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The funny thing about that article is how it's entirely based on Mr Samuel missing the point.

Andrew Trimble plays for Ulster, is from Coleraine and attended Queen's University. He would also be the furthest thing from a Nationalist on the team and he is taking about the history on the rugby pitch between England and Ireland.

The fact that Samuel sees the word 'history' and uses it as a jumping-off point for a vitriolic anti-Irish rant, speaks volumes about the man and his repressed guilt.

Lord Crouchback, allow me to begin by saying how relieved all right-thinking men are to see you back in the saddle and in such sparkling form.
However the frequency with which you have been delving into the red tops for inspiration since your return is beginning to cause concern.
Is this the result of some sort of Lenten observance?
Yours etc.

Nick Easter and the rest of the English back row are clearly students of history. The only appropriate attitude for an Englishman is a meek, humble sense of embarrassment. He must face the Irishman like an enfeebled elderly child molester, powerless to stop the righteous fury, even longing for vicious absolution. The carnage on the field reminds us all, annually, of the horrific penal laws.

My Lord, I would have to agree with Rob. I remember one particular day in Blackrock College, Mr Trimble took us out for a training session and afterwards gave us a talk on how important his Protestantism is to his every day life; hardly the talk of a Fenian. As for Martin Samuel, one would imagine he is full of the same vitriolic prejudice which seems to plague his tribe. Bring up the Middle East, the War, or poor old Mel Gibson and you would soon bring the hypocrite out of the shadows, with a lecture steeped with the usual self pity and self entitlement. I fear it is that most contemptible of posters Andrew K, who has worn down your regular clemency and temperence in such situations.

Some interesting points there Crouchy..

It's funny that your giving out about anti English sentiment as if you are some innocent aggrieved party. Do you actually remember writing "Ode to an irish etc" on the guardian blog two years ago??

Do you remember what you referred to Irish people as? And you think it's actually surprising that there is anti English sentiments amongst us??

Your even blinder than I thought!!

Also your point about the croke park massacre is irrelevant - the Cairo gang, as they were called, who were killed were targets of war. The very function of this Cairo gang was to hunt down the IRA. They weren't innocent brits fast asleep in their beds. Don't paint historical facts incorrectly to suit your point - its pathetic.

But how did you murdering brits respond?? Go and hunt some IRA folk perhaps? Nope! you rolled straight into a sports game in an armored vehicle and gunned down innocent spectators and players!!

You should all be ashamed of yourself!

Andrew K - Push off, there's a good chsp..

Viscount, kindly enjoy this video clip.


It's a beeftacular.

What's wrong with a little pride and rivalry in sport dear Viscount?

Would you really prefer that Ireland became one of those growing number of EU countries like Spain that are ashamed of their flag; ashamed of their identity?

No doubt the Irish players will use anything they can to get into the most punishing mindset, but they'll have a nice dinner with your lads afterwards too and all is forgotten. I've heard both ROG and BOD saying how much they admire Martin Johnston in the past, so how about your boys follow his lead from 2003 next time you are in dublin and have a little pride yourselves. You colonised the world and now you can't even kick penalties from underneath the posts?

Stuff and nonsense, revered Viscount.

Samuel is an abomination, typical of Fleet Street's 'finest' xenophobic and myopic sports writers, all secretly angling for Richard Littlejohn's throne.

And with this posting you have shown that, of all the pretend gay noblemen on the internet, you are the most preposterous (but keep it up).


This Twat Crouchback has to resort to anti-Irish vile speak because its the ONLY way he can get more then a couple of comments on this delusional website.Whats even more amazing is Mr Crouchback seems to think its ok to speak about Irish people in this way.You sad puppy!

Would all the Irish who post poor-mouth faux-patriotic bile to this website please give it a rest. Adopt a typically British stiff-upper lip, confident in the fact that we metted out a good and proper beasting to our arch-nemesis. Point out to John Bull his obvious short-comings on the field (Danny Care) but in a gracious manner. This is after all rugby not oikball. And we conduct ourselves like gentleman.

I for one think this blog as one of the more amusing internet ramblings made by an obvious (but yet awfully funny) troll who is depending on Irish quicknees to temper to back up a preconceived notion of racial stereotype. Take it in stride lads, we bashed them, we will do it again and enjoy the feeling. If some imperial bloater starts ranting and raving, do not respond in kind. Point him instead towards evidence of his fallacy. Such as this..


or indeed this...


Dear Crouch,
Nick Easter obviously knows his history better than you. The only appropriate attitude for an Englishman to take vis-a-vis Irish history is as that a German should take vis-a-vis Jewish history; a sense of deep shame and embarrassment.
Please do not be surprised at the ravenous hunger of the Irishman to defeat the Englishman; a hunger driven by folk memories of the Great Hunger, of penal laws, of ethnic cleansing, of forced depopulation, of Cromwell and massacre.

If Nike made an ad about the "achievements" of Britain in Ireland, it would be even less successful than last week's effort!

Oh, and to point out a little inconsistency:
"The British Army killed barely a fraction of that figure, very few of them civilians."
"the bandits who, on that very Sunday morning, had murdered a dozen or so Britons in their beds - in their pyjamas, no less, as they lay alongside their wives - in their hotel bedrooms."

The Cairo Gang were not "civilians"...so, going by British Army "logic", their killing was alright, then?
All's fair in love and war...

Lord, crouchers, this one has smoked the paddies from the peat!
Can't believe they are still crying over their forbears' inability to count to more than one when it came to crop-growing time and the imaginary depredations of Cromwell.
As to the Samuel article, if his quotes are accurate and the posters here are correct about Trimble's religious affiliation, then it is Trimble who is missing the point really. But then, despite being from the honest side of the border, he is still a Mick and clearly a bit tic.

Great! We finally see star luo he too handsome so cool I love him to death cough up...

"Irishmen have murdered literally thousands of British citizens over the past forty years. The British Army killed barely a fraction of that figure, very few of them civilians."

This is interesting...
Can you furnish us with any figures to prove this old boy?

Always good to come across a really thoughtful site,LIKE YOUR BLOG. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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