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14 March 2011


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Jaysus Crouchback yer an awful gobshite.

How could you forget one of the most proud Irishmen in our history... Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington

If it were not for us old Boney could have prevailed at Waterloo and you Brits could well be a bunch of frog munching, surrender loving, cheese smelling, french speaking homo's

You owe us more than the world - you owe us the Empire!

Ah yes, the Duke of Wellington. I am told he was inexplicably absent from RTE's list of 100 Greatest Irishmen. Can't think why.

Speaking of great Irishmen, is it not remarkable how few have emerged since we British left? You poor chaps do rather seem to have lost your way in the absence of Britanania's paternal guiding hand.

Interesting. Very, very interesting...

(And, needless to say, very funny as well!)


Crouchback having pondered your article ,i have come to the conclusion ,you sir are the biggest Twat the failed English empire has produced yet .Good day to you sir.

I suggest a good caning in rugby and a proper rogering in cricket....oops sorry , didn't think.

Please, Martin, remember that you are a Minister of the Crown and kindly desist from using such salty language in the company of nobility.

My Lord, please accept this humble peace offering.


Lashings of beef!


I think you will find the people who contribute to those ridiculous poll's are bored chaff's. How else did a fenian song from the IRA loving Wolf Tone's make it to the top of the bbc's greatest british song ever poll???

Also the rte list was top 20 not 100.

As for your other point, there has been many fine and successful irish men/woman who have emanted once the inferior brits left these shores. Highlights include:

Roy Keane
Padraig Harrington
Terry Wogan
Pierce Brosnan
Kenneth Branagh
Saoirse Ronan
Peter O'Toole
Liam Neeson
Cillian Murphy
Richard Harris
Michael Gambon
Michael Fassbender
Colin Farrell
Daniel Day-Lewis
Gabriel Byrne
Bob Geldof
Van Morrison
The Corrs
Seamus Heaney (nobel prize winner)
Frank McCourt
J. P. McManus
Peter Sutherland – Chairman of BP Plc, and Chairman of Goldman Sachs International
Michael O'Leary - CEO of ryanair
Willie John McBride - captain of the invincibles lions tour South Africa 1974

Please note ive left out quite a bit of successful irish people/acts such as westlife, boyzone, etc etc)

I think the words coming to mind are Check and Mate!

Judging by some, but not all,of the names on that list, I think that the words that spring to mind are "own" and "goal"

Andrew your list is dire.

Do you really take pride in the fact that The Corrs and Boyzone come from Ireland? I'm not even sure if they take themselves seriously.

Being great and being famous are not the same you know. And are you really so desperate as to include a 16 year old child actor too?

Why so many actors? Acting is hardly the most difficult or noble of professions, at least in this day and age. Do you really think Hugh Grant would make it onto the Viscount's list of Greatest Englishmen since 1900?

"Please note ive left out quite a bit of successful irish people/acts such as westlife, boyzone, etc etc)"

Boyzone? Is that a sly reference to Patrick Pearse's nocturnal habits? Really, Andrew, you do yourself no favours!

However, Celtic BEEFCAKE's sublime contribution to this thread more than compensates for any silliness perpetrated by Andrew K.

I must confess: the clash between The Hask and the young farmer's boy, O'Brien, has me almost as excited as the day I first laid eyes on Adebayo.

Good to see my Lord back at the keyboard. Definitely one of the best blogs going.

The clash between O'Brien and Haskell will be ferocious but I can only see one winner, and thats the farmer from Carlow.

However O'Brien has been great all tournament and it still hasn't been enough for us.

Hahaha! great to see my post stirred so much debate

Glorious! I got the exact reaction I was looking for!!

Check and mate indeed.

Andrew, everyone knows that being laughed at by Englishmen and Irishmen alike, wasn't the reaction you were looking for. We know you're hurt and disappointed, but my advice would be to dust yourself down and rethink your antagonistic stratagem. Because on this occasion, young man, you've failed miserably.

Better luck next time, eh, old spud.

The "hask" I suspect will find himself very quickly having to hark back to his Wellington college days, forced to hide himself out of harms way only to look on helplessly while a right royal rodgering, to use your own turn of phrase, is meted out in front of him. This time however it shan't be his chubby companion Paul doran jones meteing out said rodgering to an unsuspecting schoolgirl while Jamie films it from a closet. No, it shall be messrs obrien and heaslip doling out a mighty bout of comeupance to this over confident upstart England team, who are long over due a serious lesson in rugby pedigree, lest they or their tedious fans get any further ahead of themselves or forget their place. And, I can tell you, unlike aforementioned school girl, they will certainly know what is happening to them.

@ Paddy

Hear hear!


Thank you for your sentiments! Tell me just how exactly did you learn to read someones feeling's over the internet??

Have you been banging Mystic Meg?

Or are you just wildly speculating?? I think the latter is the truest!

Anyway, I was hoping and looking for reactions and you have provided some more! Thank you!

Andrew, your further, vulgar clamouring confirms the obvious. You're angry, but it's OK, we understand that you didn't achieve the exasperation you desired. Now, put your disappointment behind you and be a good Mick and slink off back to the patch of bog from whence you came. There's a good lad.

Ah Lawrence..once again you astound me with your mind reading capabilities!

Incredible really..

It is quite amazing..

I just cant fathom how you do it...

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