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05 April 2011


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Mr Crotchrot ,please stop interbreeding with your cousins .Good day to you sir !

Please oh please resume this blog in time for the RWC, oh GayLord.

Good day Viscount Crouchback!

This is quite sudden I admit, but do you have any opinion regarding the Cavendish family?

Yes, this blog needs to be revived. The World Cup is only one week away.

Come back Sir! With the world gathered together for the World Cup campaign, you have a global and attentive audience at your disposal. What are you waiting for?!

Have you seen James Haskell's diary my Lord? I seem to remember you had a fondness for the fellow.


Also, take your finger out and get back to your blog. It could be Ireland and England in the semifinals and I'm sure you have some condescension to share about Eire's prospects.

Your lowly servant,

Dear Viscount , please fall down the nearest elevator shaft at your earliest convenience .Good day to you sir .

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