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01 April 2011


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I think William is the best thing to happen to the British Monarchy since Longshanks slotted a 65 metre drop punt at Twickers circa 1230 ad.

As an Aussie I reckon he's real pukka and pretty likeable too -- humble, but not a ponce like his Dad. He's really popular down here, especially with the youngsters.

Anyway, what does his lordship think of this interesting article from my mate Spiro:



I love the Royal wedding, I think the Prince looks dashing. Technically, wedding rings are a part of the tradition, and are not required by law to be worn during weddings. If William decided not to wear a ring then it was his choice. For which he saved time going to the jewelry store, hehehe.

Very nice blog. I love your ideas - simple and back to basics . Great ideas

Brilliant blog! Love how you write

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Lovely blog, shame it hasn't been updated in a while.
And before you start on my spelling mistakes I'll tell you: I'm not English and English isn't my first language, I'm from across the channel, Belgium.
I hope you continue posting

I enjoy watching the royal wedding

Great post! I am so glad that Prince William has decided not to wear a wedding ring...I think a 'pinky ring' looks terribly tacky. I must agree with you, it reminds me of a creepy salesman or something. So strange! Thanks for the great blog

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